Corinne Spamers Diversity is confirmed in figure studies, landscapes, still lifes, sea scapes and decor for theatre. Since 1988 she got intrigued with wildlife, on canvass. Presently she paints wildlife in context with a typical Southern African landscape, but enjoys other challenges especially figure studies. Some of her paintings have been sold in Australia, U.S.A., U.K, Europe etc.


Wild Life

After years of research with different media and leather she became the first artist to disdain the boundaries of frames and flat surfaces. By stretching the leather over the front and back of the frame it renders a three dimensionality to the content. The power of attraction and character of these works are enhanced by the textures and rough marks on the leather and wood. These works on genuine leather are framed with real Southern African woods.

The wood: Although the wood is treated against termites etc it could still be oiled if so wished.
The leather: This leather is specially tanned and processed afterwards to absorb the paint.

As the painting was done with the best quality imported Artists Acrylics it won�t fade. Cleaning can be done with a damp cloth.